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You know, psychology is a fascinating subject. Fascinating albeit a misunderstood one. While the study of psychology can help improve lives and knowledge of mental health enhances well-being, the field still struggles with misinformation and stigma. This website is an attempt to bring the fascinating world of psychology and psychologists to you. So read on, learn, take what you need, and get in touch. Let us give this field the credit it deserves.

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I’m a psychologist who works with both children and adults. My approach is eclectic and involves empowering the client to achieve their goals in a collaborative manner.

Training Programs

I provide regular training programs both online and offline for schools, corporates, and individuals belonging to different fields.

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I’m an RCI licensed child psychologist equipped in assessment and intervention of children facing concerns such as ASD, ADHD, SLD, ID Anxiety, Depression, etc

I work with Daffodils Therapy Studio where we provide a range of internships. I lead two levels of internships in child psychology for Bachelors and Masters students. 




Get In Touch

To connect is to grow. 

Find me on Instagram and LinkedIn to establish a connection and begin a conversation.

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