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I’m Aprajita, and a counseling psychologist and an RCI licensed child and adolescent psychologist. While I work as a consultant counselor and a trainer but believe writing as well as bringing well-researched practical knowledge of psychology to the world as my passion.

In India, while mental health has become an upcoming field, very few talk about how the knowledge of psychology can be applied to our very unique culture and context. So here you will find a psychologist in India, sharing her experiences, knowledge, and resources in a contextualized way.

This webiste has a number of articles authored by me along with my contact details and services I provide. Feel free to explore and connect! Have a great day!

Bloom wherever you are planted
Grow through what you go through
While life cannot be solved in a day
Each day we can live, learn and listen to


I’m a psychologist who works with both children and adults. My approach is eclectic and involves empowering the client to achieve their goals in a collaborative manner.

Training Programs

I provide regular training programs both online and offline for schools, corporates, and individuals belonging to different fields.

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I’m an RCI licensed child psychologist equipped in assessment and intervention of children facing concerns such as ASD, ADHD, SLD, ID Anxiety, Depression, etc

I work with Daffodils Therapy Studio where we provide a range of internships. I lead two levels of internships in child psychology for Bachelors and Masters students. 





Get In Touch

To connect is to grow. 

Find me on Instagram and LinkedIn to establish a connection and begin a conversation.

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