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Mental Health for Professionals

Recently one of my mentors brought forth this idea that as practitioners of psychology you are both the toolkit and technicians. You know and have learnt the techniques that can help someone and are also responsible for implementing them. Thus, for being an effective practitioner, it is up to you to first develop your own self, evolve, invest in self-development, and take care of yourself. Only then will you have the capacity to show up.

Being a psychologist is as much about self-development as is about providing counselling or interventions. Without getting an insight into your own way of being and your own worldviews it is impossible to become non-judgemental as well as someone who values multiple perspectives. Unless your inner world and outer world match authenticity, something that Carl Rogers emphasizes upon, cannot be developed.

This is thus a reminder for every mental health professional out there, if you can not work on yourself, how will you support anyone else. Reflect, take breaks, develop, and never stop learning.


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